Research behind the product: ArtiTec

Research behind the product: ArtiTec

The first ingredient in our products is knowledge. Ingredients with proven effects are an important part of Cavalor, and this proven effectiveness is examined in scientific studies. In this article, read all about the research behind Cavalor ArtiTec. 
Proven product

Low-grade inflammation is common in joints that perform. However, joint inflammation initiates a cascade of catabolic reactions that gradually degrade the cartilage and, in the end, may result in lameness.

During an extensive research program, Cavalor has designed step by step a multi-ingredient nutraceutical that is able to downregulate synovial inflammation, hence protecting the joints of equine athletes. The anti-inflammatory effect of Cavalor ArtiTec has been documented by both in vitro and in vivo experiments and the overall efficacy in the treatment of lameness is supported by the results of a clinical pilot study.

In conclusion, Cavalor ArtiTec is a complete multi-ingredient nutraceutical with proven efficacy for optimizing joint health in equine athletes, hence being an asset to the portfolio of therapeutics used by equine practitioners. Cavalor ArtiTec delivers everything our equine ‘athletes’ deserve during periods of intense activity and stress. In the following article we explain more about the research.

The result of an extensive 7-year research program

The efficacy and especially the synergistic potential of the individual raw materials and botanical ingredients on inflammation, cartilage protection and repair has been studied over the 7 years. These findings have led to the final formulation of Cavalor ArtiTec.

A first phase of research was performed by ‘University of Prince Edward Island’. Some of the investigated ingredients were able to downregulate the expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) of monocytes stimulated by Lipopolysaccharide (LPS). On the other hand, in the same research phase a number of ingredients were identified that potentiated LPS-induced TNF expression.

Monocytes are a type of white blood cell, or leukocyte. They are the largest type of leukocyte, can differentiate into macrophages and can acquire some features of dendritic cells. As a part of the vertebrate innate immune system, monocytes also influence the process of adaptive immunity.

Optimizing the Artitec product formulation

Combining botanical ingredients is a widely applied practice to compose effective products. The final result is believed to be of similar or better potency as that of a single herb. However, there is a lack of studies executed in animals that have provided evidence regarding this “synergistic effect” of herbs. Cavalor initiated a study to demonstrate the additive effect of herbal mixtures and to characterize their range of anti-inflammatory activity. The advantage of using suboptimal efficacious dose levels of each botanical ingredient is reducing the risk of potential toxicities associated with the usage of single herbs.

Various combinations of ingredients were compared in a validated (inflammation) model that assessed the potential to reduce (acute) inflammation following a single oral administration. The applied formulation was composed of the ingredient combination A, B, C, D and E. While maintaining a total dose of the extract fixed, additional herb extracts were added to demonstrate the additive effect of the combination. For example, the amount of ingredient A was 250 mg and of A+B+C+D (62.5 +62.5 + 62.5 + 62.5) was also 250 mg. The results of this study were used to define and evaluate candidate product formulations in Phase II-II.


In the follow-up of the results of previous studies, 7 candidate formulations were evaluated (in vitro) to further unlock the mechanism of action of these formulations and their efficacy. The influence on various biomarkers related to joint health and homeostasis were evaluated using primary human chondrocytes isolated from knee joints in various in vitro models. This study has led to the development of the final candidate formulation for evaluation in a combined mechanistic and efficacy horse specific joint inflammation model (Phase III).

Field trial

Cavalor ArtiTec Liquid was evaluated in a multi-practitioners field study for the treatment of horses with mild foot lameness with or without relevant imaging findings.

Thirty-one cases met the inclusion criteria and were enrolled in the study. Most of them were showjumpers performing at a national or international level. Apart from one case, the palatability of Cavalor ArtiTec Liquid was evaluated to be good or excellent. The efficacy of the product was rated similarly by both riders and equine practitioners: in 8/31 (26%) horses, there was no relevant change in observed lameness, whereas in 23/31 (74%) horses, lameness improved moderately (8/31; 26 %) or substantially (15/31; 48%).

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