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High performance horses are horses performing at a level that is challenging for them.


• Hard exertion causes friction in joints and can cause micro-tears in tissue. These may in turn cause changes in the composition of the synovial fluid and lead to lameness.

• Overexertion causes oxidative stress in the muscles and joints. The free radicals released in the process must be neutralised so that they cannot do damage.

• Horses need energy to perform. Energy requires proper nutrition, but metabolism, blood circulation, and the lymphatic system also play important roles.

• Stress and nervousness can have negative consequences for perfor- mance. Make sure that your horse is focused and relaxed!

• Hours in transit followed by days of competition will have serious impacts on the immune system. A dormant infection can be an in- visible obstacle to performance.

understanding is key

These supplements meet the increased needs of sport horses at critical peak times. Although horses have enormous athletic ability and are capable of extremely strenuous work, the physical impact can be enormous. Think of all the energy that must be released quickly, the pressure exerted on the muscles and joints, and the toxins that must be eliminated. Top performance is the result of many internal processes going on at once. The supplements in this range help your horse go that extra mile. Because it’s the little things that help give you the edge.